Standard Package


Comprehensive Health Questionnaire (3 in total)

1x Initial 1:1 online consultation

3x Follow up 1:1 online consultations

3+ x hours naturopathic case analysis

1x report of findings

2x email communications

1x salivary cortisol testing


1x Printable Balanced Smoothie Maker PDF

1x Printable Keep your Salad Interesting PDF

1x Naturopathically formulated libido lovin’ tea delivered straight to your door!

1x Jump-Start Your Libido eBook

The standard package aim? Supporting you in getting your vitality and glow back and optimising your wellness goals with testing, further advice and 1:1 recommendations.

Valued at over $865

Monthly Payment of $157 (4 Month Contract)

Ability to pay all upfront if requested.

You get all the benefits of the Starter Wellness Glow Package, with an additional 1x follow-up appointment, further naturopathic case analysis and 1x standard salvia stress hormone test and 1x extra structured email correspondence, plus bonus balanced salad and smoothie printouts, as well as a naturopathically formulated libido lovin’ herbal tea blend to support some self-love on your wellness journey.

Valued at over $865 the Standard Wellness Glow Package is for those who wish to have further naturopathic care, and those with longer-standing health concerns. This package is the standard for many of my clients (hence the name!) and is the best value for your money!

The Wellness Glow Standard Package is an extensively thought out and up-to-date package created to provide you with the ongoing support you need to start to reach your health goals. This package works by addressing where your body may be out of balance, it looks into your diet and lifestyle practices, and delivers a comprehensive, individualised wellness plan just for you!

It adds to the starter package and provides you with more 1:1 naturopathic time, research and testing. It’s a truly holistic package that incorporates the latest evidence informed medicine advice alongside the time-honoured traditional knowledge of naturopathic herbal medicine.

This package provides you with a full assessment of your current health, and provides a comprehensive, personalised wellness plan, just for you!

The Wellness Glow Standard Package involves the following:

 Health Questionnaires: Prior to the initial appointment, you’ll be sent 3x questionnaires to be completed and returned (at least 24 hours prior to your appointment). These questionnaires give us a current snap-shot of your overall health, and provides insights into your health history.

  • Initial – sent via email prior to your initial consult – gives an up-to-date idea of where your health is right now, your expectations and your commitment to change. Basically, the questions give me your reasons for wanting to make change and how we can best tackle this together.
  • Diet – these questions allow for an overview of what a typical diet looks like for you, and enables us to address inflammatory foods, potential intolerances and other areas where your diet may need to be tweaked to optimise your health
  • Sexual Health – this simple questionnaire is totally optional based on your health concerns and what you’d like to address, however, it does give us the ability to dig a lil’ deeper into your sexual function and sex drive! (AKA one of my favourite topics!)

Initial Naturopathic Appointment (75 minutes)

During this consultation, a comprehensive health assessment occurs, and your health concerns will be discussed in detail. You’ll leave with an idea of where to begin making changes, basic prescriptive advice and empowerment when it comes to taking control of your health.

It may be required of you prior to consultation to ensure you have these notes handy

  • Recent blood pressure reading (Your local pharmacy usually offers this service for free)
  • Any recent blood test results – A copy emailed with the complete health questionnaires to be returned at least 24 hours prior.
  • List and dosage of any current medications and medical treatments

3x Follow-up consultations (40 minutes each)

Here’s where we track your progress, work through any challenges you’ve come across, provide support and discuss further recommendations and prescriptions.

Naturopathic case analysis (3 hours +)

Your own personal researcher?! Yes please! This package includes 3 hours (at a minimum) where I’ll be analysing your health concerns, brainstorming ideas and researching the latest treatment protocols in order to create your individual treatment plan.

Report of Findings

In your first follow up consultation, I’ll send through to you a report with my main findings from your initial consult – summarising the areas to address and focus on to reach your health goals. The report is great for visual learners, as it demonstrates the complexity of the bodies interwoven-ness and how each system works together to create an optimal health environment. This can assist you in seeing the bigger picture when it comes to your treatment plan, and lays it out in an easy to understand format in order to avoid overwhelm! The report explains in detail your treatment plan moving forward.

2x email support

Two structured email correspondences where you can ask questions that may come up between to follow up consultations (Limited to 5x questions and 750word response).

*Note: You don’t expect your doctor, physiotherapist or hairdresser to work for free and be available 24/7, and nor will I. This bonus creates a space where you can have your concerns addressed without requiring a full 40 minute follow up. When we respect each other’s time, the best level of care can be achieved.

Questions will be answered at practitioner’s discretion: My first and foremost principle of practice is first do no harm: If I deem a consultation is required in order to properly address your queries, this may be recommended.

1x salivary cortisol testing

A reliable, at home test to assess levels of stress hormone cortisol, giving an insight into your level of adrenal function and potential sleep quality


1x printable balanced smoothie maker PDF

1x printable Keep Your Salad Interesting PDF

1x Naturopathically formulated Libido Lovin’ Herbal Tea Blend

1x Jump-Start Your Libido eBook

Get your bonus eBook, written to help your libido rev up! My 5 top tips plus a bonus hot chocolate recipe delivered right to your inbox!

*Prescription items incur an additional cost

*Additional testing is not included in the package price – any specific testing requirements that arise during the initial assessment and follow ups require payment prior to being ordered. Costs, details and requirements will be explained on an as-need basis.

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