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Hey there gorgeous – I’m Alannah, and I’m a naturopath passionate about working with women who want to own their sexual health and rediscover their inner (and outer!) glow.

I love helping women reclaim their health, through empowering women to tap into their inner vibrancy and embrace their true, strong selves.

I use herbal and nutritional medicine; and along with personalised lifestyle advice, I want to help you get your spark back. My health philosophy is all about discovering how you can be the strong, sensual and healthy woman I know you are.

My health journey started with a degree in laboratory medicine. It was a fine enough way to spend my days, but it didn’t light up my world.

I went to bed feeling flat, I woke up feeling flat. My mood was low and so was my libido. I lasted a year.

After some soul searching and A LOT of uhhming and ahhing, I decided to go to an open day at Endeavour College. In the following weeks, I’d applied to withdraw from my lab med degree and enrolled into a naturopathy bachelor degree instead.

As soon as I started learning, I knew I’d made the right choice.

Throughout the degree, I realised helping women get in touch with their inner badass and discover their optimal health was my true calling.

Now, after over four years of study later, I go to bed tired, but content, after days happily studying and educating. I wake up excited to see what the new day will bring, eager to share my knowledge with women who need it.

My mood (and sex drive) have improved. I have even developed a love for the sometimes-indescribable tasting herbal medicines I once couldn’t stand!!   My areas of passion and genius include

  • Reviving lowered libidos
  • Supporting optimal sexual health
  • Balancing out hormonal issues
  • Investigating gynaecological conditions
  • Restoring energy levels

I want to help you feel vibrant again – You deserve to feel better and take charge of your health and wellness.

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